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Behind every charter school are determined leaders, innovative teams, and supporting professionals, including practical and strategic attorneys. The charter school law group provides the most comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective strategies and options,  allowing school leaders to devote more time and resources to their students while we handle every part of the legal needs of creation, expansion, and operation.


The Charter School Law Group | A Part of The Law Office of Dustin R. Sparks, LLC.

PO Box 2661
Monument, Colorado 80132

ph: 303.209.7813

WELCOME to the Charter School Law Group Intranet, our online space for safely sharing confidential litigation, compliance and all other documentation.

This site is specially tailored to accommodate  the disclosure of sensitive information, large-scale collaboration and complex security scenarios.

As a leading charter school law and litigation firm, our team is dedicated to helping you communicate confidentially.

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